Moonshaped Monday

'A Whimsical Start of your Week'

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The 'Moonshaped Monday' Tarot Deck

Follow me on my journey to create a full deck of 78 tarot cards. All cards are designed and illustrated (by hand) by me. The deck will be published upon completion of the artwork.

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Custom Cards

Get an original, customized card, or a customized version of an existing card.

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Custom Birth Chart

I've made a customizable birthchart design which I can adjust to the moment and location of your birth or the birth of a loved one. I'll create your birthchart based on the info you provide and you'll receive a print of the final result. Nice to have, even nicer to give!

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The How and Why of my Tarot Card Project

'After working as an artist for several years on a variety of projects, there was still something I really wanted to make: a full deck of 78 tarot cards.
Anyone who knows me as a person, might find this surprising, since I was never involved with tarot before this project and I don't consider myself spiritual at all, but I found an interest in tarot from an (art)historic perspective.
Tarot has a very interesting history, I'm interested in reading interpretations of the cards and connecting them to the symbolism and artwork of the traditional tarot illustrations, compare them to modern decks and then create my own version in ink and watercolor.

This tarot deck is my first big solo project. Although I enjoy collaborations, it feels good to have one project that is truly my own. I'm always open for tips and suggestions, but in the end, each illustration is my own concept, which I create how, when and where I want. As a traveler and freelancer, it's very soothing to have this bit of stability in my life, working on the cards has become my meditation.

When I'm not drawing or traveling, I enjoy doing yoga and ride/work on my motorcycle. I keep another account where I share my other art projects as well as travel pictures and blog posts, ilonastuijtartwork on Facebook and lankyartist on Instagram. (I'm 1,90/6'3, hence 'lanky')

Please note that I'm by no means a tarot card reader, I'm an artist and a nerd for history, symbolism and mythology. I base my illustrations on existing texts and historic information, but the spiritual value and interpretation is added by the user.

Creating a full deck of 78+ cards is a lot of work, each card can take up to 7 hours to make, if you want to help me keeping the lights on during the process, you can purchase the original, 100% hand drawn, 11x20cm illustrations or prints on my Etsy or you can help me by following, sharing, liking and commenting on my work on social media. All your support is deeply appreciated and motivates me to create the next card.
I hope the tarot project brings as much joy to others as it does to me. If you have any comments questions or suggestions feel free to contact me or check out the FAQ. I'm always curious to hear what you think about my work!'